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Lena M. Pate is an American writer born in Michigan but transplanted to Texas. She has been married to a wonderful man for over forty years. She is a mother of two and Meemaw to four wonderful grandchildren. Two dogs, Speckles and Darcy, and a cat named Patches adopted her, and they allow her to live in their house. She takes pleasure in writing poetry and short stories for her blog, She has been published in three anthologies, the first edition Umagazine in 2010, and had a poem highlighted in the Sacramento Poetry, art and music e-magazine. She is currently working on a fourth anthology with a group of gifted writers that should be out this September. She authored a crime fiction book entitled Following the Scent, which at the moment is out of print. She has written for the New Texan for the Texas American Medical Technologists (AMT). When she is not writing, she stays busy working as a laboratory education coordinator and medical technologist. She enjoys reading, writing, art, music, and gardening.